Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2015

  • Effect of Cognitive Modelling on Impulsive Behaviour Among Primary School Children

    Ivy Kesewaa Nkrumah, Bolanle Olabisi Olawuyi, Eunice Torto-Seidu

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2015
    Pages: 174-180
    Received: Jul. 30, 2015
    Accepted: Aug. 17, 2015
    Published: Sep. 08, 2015
    Abstract: Restlessness has been associated with childhood developmental behaviour. Some children outlive this behaviour while in others, it persist and becomes a problem that prevents them from fulfilling their potentials. If such developmental behaviours are identified early they can be modified, otherwise they develop into serious disorders. Impulsive beha... Show More
  • Awareness Level on Mental Illness Among Secondary School Students in Skudai, Johor

    Nik Murni Nik Mustafa, Hadina Habil, Noor Aireen Ibrahim, Hanita Hassan

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2015
    Pages: 181-189
    Received: Jun. 19, 2015
    Accepted: Jul. 22, 2015
    Published: Sep. 17, 2015
    Abstract: Adolescents diagnosed with mental illness in Malaysia have increased these past few years despite various health campaigns and awareness programs organised by the government and private sectors. Thus, this research aims to investigate the students’ awareness level and perception on mental illness. Questionnaires have been distributed to 118 form fo... Show More
  • Dimensions of Bullying Among Secondary School Students in Ekiti State, Nigeria

    Mokuolu Bolade Olubunmi

    Issue: Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2015
    Pages: 190-193
    Received: Aug. 26, 2015
    Accepted: Sep. 22, 2015
    Published: Oct. 13, 2015
    Abstract: Bullying has been considered a problem that has come to stay among students especially at secondary school level, and when the word bullying is mentioned, what comes to mind is physical aggression among boys. The study has been able to assess bullying from different dimensions by employing Multi-dimensional Peer-victimization scale (MPVS). 561 seco... Show More