Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 6, December 2023

  • Research Article

    When Perceived Official Terror Drives People out of Politics: A Systemic Analysis of Political Alienation in the Context of Authoritarian Democracy

    Achille Vicky Dzuetso Mouafo, Willy Taffo Nemboué, Gustave Adolphe Messanga*

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 6, December 2023
    Pages: 88-98
    Received: Oct. 14, 2023
    Accepted: Nov. 06, 2023
    Published: Nov. 17, 2023
    DOI: 10.11648/j.pbs.20231206.11
    Abstract: The paradox of political alienation as a social and scientific phenomenon is that, if on the social level it has remained a topical subject, perceptible through many citizens’ non-participation in formalized political activities, on the scientific level, on the other hand, it has experienced a long period of hibernation over several decades. Despit... Show More