Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2023

  • Empirical Study on the Relationship Between Performance Pressure and Unethical Pro-organizational Behavior of Sales Staff -- The Mediating of Professional Identity

    Zeng Zhi, Jiang Xiaohan, Ren Zelongjiang, Zheng Jiahuan

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2023
    Pages: 31-38
    Received: 16 March 2023
    Accepted: 24 April 2023
    Published: 27 April 2023
    Abstract: Background: In recent years, an increasing number of corporate unethical incidents have come to light, which has led people from various industries to seriously consider and examine the ethical responsibilities that companies should take. Based on emotional cognitive appraisal theory and self-control resource theory, this study explores the linkage... Show More
  • I Am Because They Tell Me I Am: Mental Health and Performativity

    Uenderson Wesley Rodrigues Ribeiro

    Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2023
    Pages: 39-42
    Received: 1 February 2023
    Accepted: 24 February 2023
    Published: 24 May 2023
    Abstract: This article discusses madness and its production, aiming to circumscribe Butler's performativity and Foucault's Theory of Discourse in the field of mental health. Madness has historically had different conceptions and social functions. In different contexts and cultures, care practices were created to heal, rescue and disalienate. All these practi... Show More